Your media projects

Here you are invited to discuss/present your plans about media projects which you want to realize with two colleagues from the other both countries during your stay in Ukraine/Moldova at the end of September. After choosing the topics you can discuss the further steps (project schedule) with your both colleagues in an own blog site.

2 thoughts on “Your media projects

  1. Hi Oksana and Julia
    your project sounds very thrilling and I would love to work on it with you. I think I could also give some helpful input, just because I have recently been investigating the identity crisis of the GDR children in Namibia and have written an article about the problems of their lost identities.
    Best, Astrid

  2. Minorities with lost identities

    In Bukovina there is a village Zrub-Komarivsky. It is located 40 kilometers from Chernivtsi and 30 kilometers to the Romanian border. In Zrub-Komarivsky there are 1902 residents, among whom 575 persons are unofficially called gypsies.
    Actually, none of them is talking in Romanes language. In their families, this minority talks in Romanian but with other residents in Ukrainian.
    They can`t clearly answer what are their nationality.

    We went there twice, made an article for our media, and are working on the second one trying to find out why this minority loosed its identity. You can read it Ukrainian and watch here:

    For our project for ”Media beyond frontiers” we want to make deep research about this topic.
    We want to find out what are minorities next to the Ukrainian and Moldavian border. What is Motherland for them? Do they feel them in home in their native town/village? Or do they want to cross the border once forever? Do they feel comfortable with the society they live in?

    To answer those questions we want to find a few communities on both sides of the Ukrainian-Moldavian border and find out:
    – how do they identify themself?
    – what language do they speak?
    – do they ever want to move?
    – are they patriots of the country?
    – what is their jobs? do they bring enough money?
    – if they know why did it happen that they are minorities in certain country?
    – do they feel themselves as a part of society or separately?

    Why it is important to answer those questions?
    Because both Ukraine and Moldova loosed parts of their territories in conflicts with Russia. Therefore, to find for people in this countries unity of all residents is an urgent need.

    Is anybody interested to work on this project with us?

    Oksana Chorna, Julia Drahan

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