Media Issues: Ukraine

  1. I rate the freedom of the press in Ukraine by 5. Not only the government of Ukraine but also far-right radicals put pressure on the media. Constructive criticism of the government is regarded as a High Treason and journalists get such labels as “Agent of Kremlin” and are accused of spreading the “Enemies` propaganda”. The main media sources are controlled by oligarchs, who use the media in their own interests.
  2. To be honest, I don’t really know the media system of Moldova. But I can suggest that there is no big difference between Ukrainian media system and the other post-soviet countries. The German media are much more familiar to me. The fact I like about it is that mostly there is no owner and the media belong to its journalists. That helps them to stay independent.
  3. When I’m looking for information about issues in Ukraine I always refer to several sources to compare different points of view, but primarily I use such international sources as BBC, CNN or SPIEGELONLINE. In my opinion, freedom of the press and the pluralism of thoughts are the basic requirements for the development of the civil society with critical thinking.
  4. One of the basic principles of the journalism is swiftness, which is a huge advantage for the social media, and a possibility to spread information to plenty of people. Though at the same time and for the same reasons social media are a perfect platform for spreading fake news, spam or propaganda due to few possibilities of checking the credibility of information. Nowadays, we see the rapid development of social media, so in the next decades, the social media will become a primary source of information, to my mind.
  5. Unfortunately, fake news is quite a frequent phenomenon in our media society. In my opinion, fake news is both a lie and a voluntary distortion of facts or dragging one’s words out of the context. However, not only the media can create fakes. The case of the faked death of a Russian journalist Arcadiy Babchenko staged by the Ukrainian secret service serves as a good example.

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